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April 29th, 2008 | Category: China

Check out this website, called Anti-CNN, which is a collage of videos and photographs showing how the truth is ostensibly shaped and formed in the western media.   Very few know what really happened over in Tibet; I’m sure there was a good bit of shenanigans and mischief on both sides.   What I’m realizing throughout this story, which seems to by dying down, is that I’m trusting all types of media less and less.   Many folks might think that’s depressing, but I’m pleased with it (my good friend Dave Dault would understand well).

Another thing I know is that silly protests in Paris, San Francisco, London, and wherever else that attempt to extinguish the Olympic torch is counterproductive.   My instinct is the majority of those protesters protest to be seen, not to effect any change.   Those who do feel honestly righteous about their cause are unfortunately misguided in their tactics.   “Protesting” is a western concept and it makes no sense to the majority of folks here.   And I don’t think it’s because the Chinese government is suppressing it’s people; it’s just not part of the culture.   In the end, the only thing that the protests accomplish is revealing an inexplicable side of the West and unifies people here to support their country even more.   Folks who believe in the cause would do well to discover the best way to communicate their interests.   It’s not protesting the Olympic torch.

Sorry, comments still aren’t working for my site.   I’ll have someone look into that soon.   By now, though, everyone’s probably used to just reading the stories and looking at the pretting pictures.   More coming very soon, I promise!

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