Apr 26

Spicy Sichuan

Category: China

Here’s a quick video of a group lunch at a Sichuan restaurant near where we work. This place features the best tea I’ve ever had in my life. It’s so tasty, a little sweet for a change, but not overpowering (although you will see me add a chunk of sugar to it in the video). The name of the tea is “Ba Bao Cha”. It’s a collection of flowers and seeds in a cup. Hot water is added in traditional fashion – through a pot with a 2-3 foot long spout. You then cover the cup with a small top and drink it, leaving a little gap for the tea to flow between the cup and the top, but enough to keep the little flowers in the cup. So tasty. Notice how red a lot of the food is. We went on the spicy side today ordering a chicken dish (basically a baked chicken, without the bones removed of course, chopped into many small pieces and smothered in red peppers), shui zhu rou (one of my favorites – the red soupy mix consisting of pork, bean sprouts, and spices), and rabbit with a variety of peppers (that’s the dish with the flame under it). On top of these main courses, we ordered some egg rolls with potatoe inside and a tangy toufu soup. Remember, in China, toufu has nothing to do with vegetarianism. In fact, I have yet to meet a vegetarian Chinese. In fact, toufu is often served with pork and it’s really good.

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